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MT Tamborine Accommodation

Altitude 565 Holiday HomeMt Tamborine Accommodation
A Holiday home on Mount Tamobrine that very private and accessible to everything Mt Tamborine has to offer, just a short walking distance to restaurants..

Mt Tamborine Attractions and Activities

Gold Coast Activities For Adults, Families and Groups on Mount Tamborine


Glow Worm Tour with Dinner — Enjoy an evening adventure into the rainforests of the World Heritage listed Springbrook National Park. This tour includes dinner.

Mt Tamborine Events

There are a host of events on Tamborine Mountain – annual festivals, markets, live music and entertainment, “Christmas in July”..

Tamborine Mountain Scarecrow Festival

October 2015
Location: Cnr Main Street and Main Western Road, North Tamborine
› Bearded Dragon Hotel Country Markets
› Tamborine Mountain “OPEN” Golf Event
› The Viking Culture Day
› Million Paws Walk
› Craft Extravaganza

Garterbelts and Gasoline Festival

October 2nd – 5th 2015
Grease Your Hair, Grab Your Gal, And Come On Down
For more information Contact:
Paul Biagini mobile 0428 887 522
Amanda Biagini mobile 0409 896 257

Tamborine Mountain Country Markets

June 2015
When: June 14 @ 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
Tamborine Mountain Showgrounds, Corner Bartle & Main Western Roads, Mount Tamborine
More information:

Springtime on the Mountain

Tamborine Mountain Garden Club Inc.
Ph: Glenda Sullivan (mob) 0458 102 344

Tour de Tamborine

Tamborine Mountain Sports Festival
One of the huge benefits of the Tour de Tamborine – Mountain Sports Festival is the variety of options of events and distances to choose from. We all come in different shapes and sizes, as well as with different fitness levels and abilities. What we feel is important is giving everyone a chance of getting involved… More

Chamber Philharmonia Cologne performing on Tamborine Mountain

July 2015
July 18 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
St John the Baptist Church, 90-94 Beacon Road, Tamborine Mountain
More information:

MT Tamborine Hiking Park Trails

Springbrook National Park Trail

Springbrook National Park offers a wide range of walking opportunities ranging from 300 m to 54 km in length. The Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk can either start or finish at The Settlement camping area. If you are interested in undertaking this 54 km walk, please read the walk’s details so you can better plan your Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk. Springbrook National Park’s walking tracks have been classified so you can select a walk that matches your bushwalking experience and fitness. This classification system is based on the Australian Standards. Take time to read the key to track standards before walking in the park. Allow 15–20 minutes to walk 1 km. This time is calculated for people of average fitness and bushwalking experience and who are wearing correct footwear. If you are walking with young children or are an inexperienced bushwalker, allow more time to include rests and to return to your starting point.

Gold Coast Hiking Trails Springbrook Information Locations


Gold Coast Wunburra Lookout Hiking Trail


  • Distance:30 m return
  • Time:Allow about 5 mins
  • Details: Just off the Gold Coast–Springbrook Road, Wunburra lookout has views of Purling Brook valley, Mount Cougal and the Little Nerang Dam. The car park is small and can be crowded on weekends or public holidays. Take care with children; keep behind the bollard as there is a busy road close by. Views from this lookout highlight the geological processes of erosion.


Gold Coast Canyon lookout (Class 1)

Gold Coast Canyon Lookout Hiking Map

  • Distance:30 m return
  • Time:Allow about 5 mins
  • Details: Step out of your vehicle and you’re there! Take in the superb views of Twin and Rainbow falls, the sheer walls of The Canyon and the ocean beyond. The spectacular views from Canyon lookout are a result of millions of years of erosion, landslides and weathering. These geological processes will continue to shape the landscape before you. This location is the starting point for the Twin Falls and Warrie circuits.


Goomoolahra Falls lookout track (Class 2)

Goomoolahra Falls Hike Lookout Map Trail

  • Distance: 200 m return
  • Time:Allow about 5 mins
  • Details: This wheelchair-assisted track passes through the Goomoolahra picnic area and takes walkers to several lookouts at the top of the 60 m high Goomoolahra Falls. On a clear day the north facing views stretch to Stradbroke and Moreton islands and Moreton Bay.


Best of All lookout (Class 2)

  • Distance:700 m return
  • Time:Allow about 30 mins walking time
  • Details: Walk through ancient Antarctic beech forest; a remnant link to a past cooler climate, to a view of northern New South Wales dominated by Mount Warning, which is the lava plug centre of the erosion caldera of the extinct Tweed shield volcano. The small pocket of Antarctic beech forest (Nothofagus moorei) is one of our remaining links with the ancient forests of Gondwana. Nothofagus forests were once widespread across the continent and provided a habitat for many animals that have long since disappeared from our landscape.


Natural Bridge circuit (Class 2)

  • Distance: 1 km return
  • Time:Allow about 1 hr walking time.
  • Note:Due to long sets of stairs, it is easier to walk this track in a clockwise direction.
  • Details: A sealed circuit track takes you through the forest, across Cave Creek and into the arched cave to witness the waterfall plunging from above. At night the cave is illuminated by thousands of glow-worms’ tiny green lights. While glow-worms are visible year-round, their display is significantly reduced during the winter months. Interpretive signs along the circuit highlight the park’s special features. The hoop pines (Araucaria cunninghamii) that emerge through the thick greenery of the surrounding rainforest are living representative of the Jurassic Age—the age of the conifers—about 180 million years ago. These pines are ‘living dinosaurs’—they are among the most primitive of conifers.


  • Class 3 Hiking Information
  • All the information you need for hiking trails in Springbrook.


BEWARE! Bigfoot Sightings Springbrook Gold Coast

Sighting in Springbrook National Park, near Little Nerang Dam – Southeastern Queensland, Australia 1984

“In 1984 I was living on the Queensland Gold Coast. My best friend Wayne lived in Springbrook with his parents. In September a friend of mine, Anna, came to visit from Melbourne. Wayne and I had often used the walking trails in the national park that stem from the Gwongorella Picnic area and the Purlingbrook Falls. We had never seen anything unusual. Anna wanted to hike into some rougher country so we parked at the Wunburra Lookout and walked southeast for quite a distance, crossing the Little Nerang Creek and continuing into the national park area. “…more

Gold Coast Natural Bridge Cave Waterfall

Springbrook Natural Bridge Waterfall Cave Gold Coast


What to bring when Hiking on the Gold Coast Hinterland

Make Sure You Take Plenty of water (at least 2 liters), sunscreen and insect repellent for leeches, Rid seems to do the trick. It is also recommended you bring a first aid kit on every hike.

MT Tamborine Attractions & Things To See

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