The Bedroom, Surfers Paradise

The Bedroom, Surfers Paradise
October 23, 2016 Surfers Paradise Qld Gold Coast


The Bedroom Nightclub Surfers Paradise



The Bedroom has a few iconic features behind it, from the old beds that have made a comeback since they were a part of the furniture a decade ago to the relatively new cheeseburger Sunday promotion. Over the years as Vanity and The Bedroom the Orchid Avenue underground club has partied with celebrities Delta Goodrem, Calvin Harris, Skrillex and Justin Bieber.


The Bedroom nightclub in Surfers Paradise is serving up hundreds of free cheeseburgers to patrons on Sunday nights as a host responsibility measure.


The Bedroom nightclub lounge previously known as Vanity Nightclub in Surfers Paradise



The Bedroom, Surfers Paradise

26 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise
Phone: 5592 0088